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Create Online Courses

Everyone is an expert in something—share your knowledge and start making money today!

Build your online course with our intuitive course-creation wizard and sell it directly on your Wix website. No technical skills are needed to create your own course—LFE takes care of video hosting, data security, and reporting.

  • Create a course on any topic: LFE hosts every type of class you could imagine
  • Completely free to create a course: LFE only makes money when you do
  • Creating your courses is easy: all it takes is a few clicks and great video content
  • Clear and simple revenue-sharing policy: You keep 85% of what you make no.matter.what.
  • is the only course creation widget that is native to the Wix platform

The all new LFE Dazzle version features even more options to help you create the best course possible:

  • LFE Facebook app: create and connect exisiting courses to your Facebook brand page.
  • Flexible purchase options. You choose how your learners view your course: rent, bundling, monthly subscription, or one-time purchase

Get started today, and put your knowledge to work for you!