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Fetchy Shipping
Stworzone przez Fetchy
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Fetchy Shipping

Stworzone przez Fetchy
Hello, success! Goodbye, shipping stress.
Darmowa instalacja
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  • Przegląd Fetchy Shipping

        Route Optimization - find the best rate
        Bulk Actions and consolidation
        High end support - support assistant, stop wasting time on support
    Let Fetchy find the best option for your shipment automatically. Fetchy has partnered with world-leading couriers to give you the low rates with no subscription fees or minimum order requirements. You can set-up, manage, and track all your shipments effortlessly. Connect your store to leading shipping services around the world in seconds Find the most reliable shipping method, so your customers get their goods on time Create shipment labels, schedule pickups and track your packages automatically Speak to your dedicated Fetchy account manager who oversees all of your deliveries * Fetchy is currently only supported on the Google Chrome browser ** Fetchy is available worldwide. You could upload your personal DHL, Stamps.com, and Hermes accounts. Contact us for special rates in your country. *** To use this app, please install the Wix Stores app first.
    Dostępność:Ta aplikacja jest dostępna na całym świecie.
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