Briar Marketing
Briar Marketing
Enthusiastic graphic and web designer excited take on your next project!
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“Kallie is creative, timely, and so easy to work with; everything you could want out of an agency. She has gained our business as a MORE than satisfied repeat customer! Thanks Briar Rose Marketing!” Hello! My name is Kallie, and I am excited to help you with content design/creation for your business. My interest for marketing started when I was in high school - creating and developing a Facebook page and website for my parent's agri-business. What started as what I considered a "simple Christmas present" became the back-bone to my current freelance work. I worked throughout college to further develop the business's marketing while working with others in my hometown to provide them with any marketing services they were interested in from photography at events to video editing to graphic design. Do I say I specialize in one thing? Honestly, no. I love a challenge, and I believe with my extensive knowledge of various software programs, such as Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft, I will be able to create whatever you are looking for. Interested in a logo? I will work with you to create a professional logo with Adobe Illustrator and provide you with an .ai, .jpg, .png, and .svg version. Interested in a website? I love creating websites through Wix, so I can provide you with the most customized version of a website to target your customers. Interested in marketing collateral, such as signs or brochures? I will create specific items using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and/or Adobe InDesign to create exactly what you need. Interested in something else? Let me know! I am happy to work with you to make it come to life. I look forward to working with you! Please send me a message with your name, company, and project description, and I will get back to you ASAP....

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