Eric Hansen
Eric Hansen
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Here's how Wix helps connect you to developers... After submitting your work order, they pass your information to between 2 and 6 Wix "Partners" like me (developers who have a proven track record). Then we attempt to prove ourselves to you by emailing (or calling) you to win your business. If you've already submitted an order, you will have received a couple auto-generated emails from other developers. (We all do this but it is unfortunately a bot). Now it's up to you to choose your developer. The problem is, we all build a fancy funnel or campaign to grab your attention AND we do not personalize the message. Again, the first email IS A BOT. I HATE THAT! So, I am trying something different. Because, I know you're looking for answers now, not 30 minutes from now. Here's my promise to you... I will help you answer your questions and I will not mention my services once (Unless you ask about them). Seriously, I will not try and sell you a thing. My goal is to help you find the best developer - even if it's not me! If however, you think I can help, then I will do everything I can to earn your business. And that includes offering my 5, yes 5, different guarantees. Now, if you're still reading at this point, read my "More Info" section to the right for details. Thank you and let me know if I can help offer any guidance. I give FREE consultations to everyone who connects with me via the Wix Marketplace and I would be happy to point you to some of our incredible Wix Partners....

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