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Hello from Chicagoland - thank you for considering our creative business partnership. I combine my years as an Art Director in downtown Chicago advertising agencies, with my 20+ years as a independent Graphic Designer. I help clients build unique and persuasive brand communication – in short, I help my clients compete. My Brand Advertising and Graphic Design firm is: This is my first year in the Wix Marketplace, though I have been doing web design for hundreds of sites since web design's commercial inception in the late 1990's. I have worked on sites that were custom coded from scratch, built in Flash, and of course dozens of sites. Now I proudly offer sites built exclusively in the Wix environment. It has been fascinating to work through this evolution of web development that has led to wonderful platforms such as Wix. Wix allows me to build websites for clients that capture who they are as a brand, and surpass the impressions made by their competitors. When we apply an agreed budget, broken into 3 equal payments, I am able to provide: - a written Brand Communication Strategy built on your feedback. - a Sitemap - our guide to the intended navigation, built on your input. - Mood Boards that present options in style and visual brand design details. - 2 to 3 Webpage Designs for your consideration and feedback. - the build of complete website, following the Approved Design and reflecting the messaging within the approved Communication Strategy. - 2 client revision rounds on every page if requested. - Launch of website including handling pre-existing domain issues with 3rd parties such as re-pointing or migration. - Implementation of all built-in Wix SEO steps, in detail, to maximize the initial SEO foundation of your new website including submitting your new website to the Google Search Console for individual page indexing. - ongoing support as needed, and making you Owner of your new website, giving you full access, and showing you how you can easily make changes as you see fit. Your website should never be static. It should be used as a living, breathing entity that is constantly growing with updates and new content. This approach is also a big part of supporting a growing SEO effort. Once you have a new site that you are proud of and inspired by; it's time to really USE IT to your benefit for years to come. Wix websites and make it easy to Communicate Your Power. I am committed to and trained in bold, unique, intelligent design solutions and advertising ideas for my clients, and I have been VERY pleased with my experience working with Wix; it is an amazing and varied platform - flexible for the future. Let's do this work together. I hope to be able to build something great with you. My design skills and experience also allow me to help you with ad campaigns, graphics, logo development and other marketing and brand support. Mark Ingraham

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