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Salesdish Lucky Wheel
Stworzone przez ANTDIY

Salesdish Lucky Wheel

Stworzone przez ANTDIY
Collect emails with an interactive prize wheel
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  • Przegląd - Salesdish Lucky Wheel

        Gamified Wheel Popups: Entice visitors to spin the wheel and win discount codes to build your email list.
        Customize Winning Rate: set the discount displayed on the carousel slice in pop-up window and the probability of visitor winning.
        Powerful Triggers: Customize the carousel for activation using trigger options such as exit intent, device type, or page load.
        Customizable Design: Provides a variety of design styles, supports custom appearance, and is consistent with the appearance of your website.
    Unlike traditional email capture popups, Salesdish Lucky Wheel grows subscribers and sales with gamified popups to build your email list. It's a fun, engaging and powerful new way to do it. Add the power of gamification to your website and customers will not only engage with you instantly, but also increase trust. It adds the power of gamification to your website to dramatically increase visitor engagement and customer loyalty. You can set up automatic trigger events or enable manual trigger, easily create spin wheel popups and offer discounts, the probability of visitor winning is completely up to you. The carousel popup is fully customizable to fit your website, and we offer 6 free themes, colors and text can be changed. You can also show scroll wheel popups on specific products or all pages and do much more within the app. You can easily create wheel popups in minutes to turn your visitors into shoppers. We love helping customers, please feel free to contact us if you have any problems.
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